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Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle Review

hamilton beach

Pancakes, eggs, bacon? Everything can be cooked with the best electric griddle. Whether you want to cook an appetizing meal or have

a family cookout, you can always count on the electric griddle. There are various electric griddles present on the market, but some models stand out from all the rest. Here is a review of

the Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle. For most, this is a very good griddle. But like any other griddle, it has it pros and cons.

The Pros

For starters, this griddle provides large room for cooking. You can easily fit about 6 eggs on one side while cooking hash browns on the other. In addition, it possesses a warming tray which keeps your food warm until all is done.

If you are cooking pancakes for your guests, instead of using aluminum foil, you can easily pull out the warming tray to keep everything perfectly warm before serving. Moreover, you will find a splash guard so you would avoid any mess all around when you are cooking something greasy. Making burgers and bacon will no longer cause you any mess. Also, you will find a large grease trap available.

The grease trap will not be quickly full which allows you to cook large amount of greasy food before having to remove it and dispose of the grease. This griddle also has strong aluminum handles with lock washers which would last for a very long time, but as a downside, metal handles will heat up and you will have to use mitt when the griddle is hot.

It also provides a great non-stick surface so you can be sure that nothing will stick to it, in addition to a secure thermostat housing. Its edges are high all around which makes picking up food easier without any spilling. Also, you can clean it up easily as everything is submersible but the thermostat.

The Cons

Although it has a large surface, you will face the problem of uneven heating. It might need some additional preheating before using it. This will also result in a longer time to cook a batch of food.

Also, the cooking surface is not tilted which might make it easier to cook pancakes but you will have to tilt it to have the grease running into the grease trap.

Tilting it manually would cause the grease in the trap to pour out, so you have to pay close attention when doing so.
Overall, the Hamilton Beach electric Griddle is a pretty good griddle though it leaves some room for improvement.

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